Silicone Colour Chart

TRS Sealants, the mastic men specialist has extensive knowledge of all silicone products and offers a huge variety of coloured and textured mastic choices for you to choose from. Our mastic men team at TRS Sealants can match the silicone colour to any of your tiles, worktops and finishes to finish your project perfectly. 

Whether it's a new project or removing your old mouldy mastic and replacing it with fresh new silicone we do it all. Here at TRS Sealants, our mastic specialists can advise you on the best products for your project as well as how to maintain your new silicone joints and prevent the mastic from becoming mouldy, For example, good ventilation and what cleaning products to avoid to ensure your mastic lasts for years to come. 

Displayed below are just some of the Silicone products we use along with colour charts to give you an idea of the possible Silicone, Mastic options availble:

Otto Chemi Silicone

Mapsil Mastic

DL Chemicals Silicone sealant

Everbuild silicone 

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